Kanjonga School 

Kanjonga School

The school commenced in July 2011. Classes were initially being held in the house of a member of the Church.

The school Logo shows the schools motto of Proverbs 9:10 - The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Students study, live, cook and clean at the school.

Staffing Information

The Reformed Senior High School is very capably led by:

  • Principal, Mr. Melki Laya
  • Vice-Principal, Mr. Martin Nikan 
  • Mr. Tay Hinggi Ranja, a young teacher, is being trained in leadership for Principal duties.

Full-time teachers and staff, in required positions set by the Indonesian government, include:

  • The Principal, Mr. Melki Laya, who also teaches Church History and Missiology.  
  • The Curriculum & Academic Coordinator, Mr. Martin Nikan, who also teaches Music of the Church, Ethics,  and OT/NT Bible. (He taught previously in the Reformed SHS in Boma/Bomakia in West Papua). 
  • The Enrolments & Student Coordinator, Mr. Tay H. Ranja, who also teaches Physical Education, Health Studies,  and school Community Development Projects (farming, building).
  • The School Treasurer, Accounts & Finances manager, Mrs. Arni Hamu, who also teaches Education in the  Christian Reformed faith and Confessions. 
  • The Human Resources and Boarding Home Manager (girls), Mrs. Yohana Meha, who also teaches Arts,                       Culture  Studies and Home Economics (cooking and sewing). 
  • The Boarding Home Manager (boys), Mr. Agustinus Deta, who also teaches Government & Citizenship studies. 
  • Mr. Jen Anggihau does the Secretarial, Administration and Office work.

Part-time teachers at the Reformed SHS are employed on an hourly basis in the following subjects:

  • Rev. Huki L. Tana teaches Dogmatics, Catechism, and may teach Yr 11/12 introductory Hebrew / Greek.  
  • Mrs. Mora Ndamu teaches English. 
  • Mrs. Naomi P. Kamunggul teaches Indonesian.
  • Mr. U. Domu T. Rami teaches Mathematics; Typing/Computing, Information Technology & Communications
  • Mrs. Derita R. Atanau teaches Economics and Sociology.
  • Mr. Apriyanti T. Mbitu teaches Geography, and Government & Legal Systems.
  • Mr. U. Behar N. Amah teaches History.
  • Mr. Abraham W. Wunu teaches Biology and Chemistry.
  • Mrs. Debora L. Ratu teaches Physics.

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